A Lifeless Life

We live a lifeless life

When we forget to love ourselves on the hard days

When we lie about how we truly feel

When we go after money & things instead of love, beauty and art

When we enjoy less to work more

When we allow our ego define our friendships

& our insecurities to break our marriages

And when our loyalty turn into obligation

& our compassion into apathy

When our greediness blinds our hearts

& our need for superiority comes in the way of empathy and understanding

We live a lifeless life when we forget the good in people because they failed to please us on certain occasions, or because we chose avoidance over confrontation

When we become victims of our own addictions and fail to take charge of our inner powers

When we lie to avoid truth, when we avoid truth to escape consequences and when we escape consequences just to keep living a lie.

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