August Blues

There is one kind of pain that we chose to never let go of. It is a pain that grabs you by the heart and infuses a bittersweet venom into its vessels. It never lets you go…

Where do I go with this pain?
Do I take it in…Do I pull it out?

It is a pain that breaks you, heals you, a pain that shapes you and creates a new essence of you. It makes you who you are today.

A pain of tragedy, of soft agony, of malaise. A pain of missing home.

A Pain of a fractured little soul.

A pain of melancholy – a pain of comfort and somehow a comfort in pain.

A pain of anguish, of frustration, a pain of anger mixed with consoling grief.

A pain that is immortal, that flows in smoothly, that fills the void – an analgesic, paradoxically.

A pain of stuckness, a pain of change, a pain of moving on.

A pain of absence – and the presence of that absence is Everywhere!

A pain of permanence.

Of comfort.

Of solace.

A shaded pain of countless colors.

A pain of love.

Of contentment.

Of acceptance.

Of no separation.

You lose yourself in this kind of pain – You find yourself there too.

Grief never ends – It changes – It’s a passage, not a place to stay. It turns a pain of tragedy, of agony, of melancholy, into a pain of comfort, of love, of overwhelming peace.

It Is The Price of Love



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